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The BioRed LLC Regulated Waste Return System contains everything required to properly and safely package and dispose of your regulated medical waste. When properly packaged, this Regulated Waste Return System will meet all United States Postal Service requirements for sending regulated waste to a disposal site through the United States Mail system. The generator must not place this system in the mail if it is not properly and securely assembled. Please follow these instructions when using the Regulated Waste Return Systems. 

System Components: 

  • White outer shipping box with PREPAID United States Postal Service return mailing label
  • Manifest is affixed to the outside of this box
  • Inner cardboard box with a 4 mil plastic bag 
  • Primary container with a 4 mil plastic bag
  • Tape for sealing the box, zip ties to close the plastic bags, absorbent pads

Step 1 - System Prep:

  • Discard of the outer kraft shipping box
  • Open the white outer shipping box
  • Open the brown inner box - DO NOT remove from the white outer shipping box
  • Open the plastic bag and fold it around the outer boxes
  • Remove the instructions and return components and save in a safe place

Step 2 - Place Waste Into The Container:

  • Remember to always place loose sharps in the proper sharps container
  • Place filled sharps containers and red bag waste into the large 18 gallon container until full or at a maximum return weight of 35 pounds

Step 3 - Seal The Container And Prepare For Mailing:

  • Close the inner plastic bag and secure with zip tie
  • Snap the lid on to the container bottom
  • Close the outer plastic bag and secure with zip tie
  • Close the numbered flaps 
  • Secure the shipping box with the provided tape

Step 4 - Manifest: 

  • Remove the manifest from the plastic ziplock bag located on the outer shipping box
  • Fill in all of your information - Remember to sign, date, and provide a phone number
  • Remove the bottom copy and retain for your records
  • Place the remaining copies back into the plastic bag located on the outer shipping box and seal the bag

Step 5 - Mail Your System:

  • Take your properly sealed system to any United States Post Office or simply give it to your daily postal carrier 

Materials NOT ACCEPTED by BioRed:

  • Chemicals - Formaldehyde, formalin, acids, alcohol, waste oil, solvents, reagents, fixer developer
  • Hazardous Waste Drums - or other containers with a hazard warning symbol, batteries and other heavy metals
  • Radioactive Waste - Any container with a radioactivity level that exceeds regulatory or permitted limits; lead-containing materials
  • EPA Hazardous Pharmaceuticals - Materials characterized or listed as hazardous waste under EPA RCRA 40 CFR regulations
  • Bulk Chemotherapy Waste
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders, Canisters, Inhalers and Aerosol Cans
  • Any Mercury Containing Material or Devices - Any mercury thermometers, Sphygmomanometers or lab or medical devices
  • Mercury-Containing Dental Waste - Non-contact and contact amalgam and products, chairside traps, amalgam sludge or vacuum pump filters, extracted teeth with mercury fillings and empty amalgam
  • Complete Human Remains


  • Total residual fluid allowed is 50ml
  • Total return weight cannot exceed 35 pounds
  • Do not directly place loose sharps into the large shipping container