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Environmentally Responsible Regulated Waste Disposal and Compliance Services

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OSHA Compliance Solutions Portal
BioRed's Total Compliance Solutions is an all-inclusive resource for OSHA and regulatory training services. Our online training resources and tools protect your business and your employees. - MSDS - Training - Safety Plans - Safety Audits - ICD-10 - Federal Regulations - MyDocs - Manage Locations

Returning your Waste Return System is quick and convenient

Remember there is no charge for USPS pickup. Simply, give your properly packaged Waste Return System to the postman. Don't want to schedule a delivery. No problem, pickup can take place with your regular USPS daily delivery.

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How Simple is BioRed?

The BioRed LLC Regulated Waste Return System contains everything required to properly and safely package and dispose of your regulated medical waste. When properly packaged, this Regulated Waste Return System will meet all United States Postal Service requirements for sending regulated waste to a disposal site through the United States Mail system. The generator must not place this system in the mail if it is not properly and securely assembled. Please follow these instructions when using the Regulated Waste Return Systems.

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No Contract

BioRed waste return systems are available on an as needed basis. Simply purchase a new container whenever you send the old one back. So say bye bye to your 3 to 5 year contract and forget about the price increases you're use to.
No Contract

Know What You're Paying For

You'll never see any increased fees or hidden cost. You simply pay for your container system and outbound shipping, once it's full just send it back. It's as simple as that. Say goodbye to mileage, fuel, documentation or environmental service charges.